Target Drawdown Professional Series

Build your clients’ portfolios on a solid foundation and proven track record with Cabana’s signature product offering, available exclusively through partner firms and advisors.

The Target Drawdown Professional Series utilizes a tactical, diverse, tax-efficient strategy designed to minimize downside risk to specified numerical targets. Help keep clients invested and create the potential for long-term success and gains.

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A rules-based process, enhanced with Target Drawdown ETFs at the core.

Our proprietary Cyclical Asset Reallocation Algorithm (CARA) selectively invests in an optimized mix of ETFs (exchange traded funds). The ETF mix is made up of a combination of one tactical Target Drawdown ETF and additional third-party asset-class ETFs - all chosen based on the attractiveness of certain asset classes within the current market environment. We overweight what is expected to outperform at any given time, while maintaining our rules-based discipline and broad diversification, which are at the heart of our process.

A full suite of services to go along with the Target Drawdown Professional Series

In addition to a unique investment strategy and money management, the following services are available to advisors under the Target Drawdown Professional Series:

  • Access to billing and custom reporting
  • Access to Cabana’s portfolio managers
  • Comprehensive training on Cabana’s models and investment strategy
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Access to Cabana’s operations, trading, marketing, sales, and compliance teams
  • Access to Cabana’s family office experts (including attorneys, CPAs and financial planners)
  • Regular and ad hoc advisor communication in the form of email, webinar, marketing material and collateral
  • Regular and ad hoc market analysis for advisors and clients
  • 401k plan consulting and prospecting

Target Drawdown Professional 7, 10, 13, and 16

As of March 31, 2022, these funds are rated three stars overall by Morningstar Inc. The Target Drawdown Professional Series is part of Morningstar’s Tactical Allocation category, which is made up of 374 total funds.

Cabana Asset Management claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). All of the firm’s SMA composite performance is constructed and maintained by an independent third party, Longs Peak Advisory Services.