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3 weeks ago

The Fed Again Raised Interest Rates by 75 Basis Points and Markets Responded Positively: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – July 28, 2022

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve concluded its July meeting and announced another 75 basis point hike to the overnight federal funds rate. This was the consensus expectation and markets responded positively to the initial news. Chairman Powell gave a usual press conference afterward and provided what I believe to be the biggest impetus to move this market… Read the full article.

3 months ago

This Year Has Clearly Been Tough for Most Investors, But What’s Next?: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – May 19, 2022

Last week, we discussed the ongoing market volatility and reiterated just how difficult this year has been for all types of investors. The unabated price declines this year in traditional “safe assets” like U.S. treasuries and corporate bonds is really breathtaking. The coincident selloff in stocks makes this nothing short of a generationally difficult environment…. Read the full article.

3 months ago

A Tough Equity Market Paired with a Historic Bear Market in Bonds Makes for a Uniquely Bad Year for Most Investors: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – May 11, 2022

Equity and bond markets continue to swing wildly, with the ultimate outcome thus far this year ending to the downside. I just read that the S&P 500 is experiencing the worst start to an overall negative year since 1962. Add to that a historic bear market in bonds going on at the same time and you have… Read the full article.

3 months ago

Investing Is Like Buying a House… Or is It? Maybe It Should Be: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – May 6, 2022

I spend a fair portion of time working and talking with my advisor partners about the markets, about Cabana’s methodology, and how we are communicating with clients. As you might suspect, we spend more time discussing these things when markets become difficult, and clients see portfolios drop in value as assets get repriced throughout the… Read the full article.

4 months ago

A Closer Look at the Current Investment Climate (the Good and the Bad): Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – April 14, 2022

Overall, market conditions remain very difficult. We are mired in a storm of runaway inflation and concurrent historic rise in interest rates, a simultaneous selloff in stocks and bonds, geopolitical uncertainty putting additional upward pressure on interest rates and downward pressure on global growth, and finally a rapid transition from extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy to… Read the full article.

5 months ago

The Much-Anticipated March Federal Reserve Meeting and the Market’s Reaction: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – March 24, 2022

The much-anticipated March Federal Reserve meeting concluded last week, and Chairman Powell announced a 25 basis point increase in the Fed’s target funds rate. This was widely expected and is the first increase since 2018. More importantly, Chairman Powell said that the Board was prepared to aggressively address inflation pressure by continuing to raise rates… Read the full article.

5 months ago

Tomorrow’s Fed Announcement May be a Turning Point (For Better or Worse): Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – March 15, 2022

As atrocities continue in Ukraine, the world of finance will momentarily turn its attention to the U.S. Federal Reserve tomorrow. It is widely expected that the Fed will announce its long anticipated decision on raising interest rates in an effort to normalize monetary policy after years (actual years) of stimulus. It began with the financial… Read the full article.