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2 days ago

Stocks Moved Higher as Investors Waited for Thursday’s CPI Report: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – July 12, 2024  

Stocks have moved higher over the past week, once again led by “Big Tech”. Bonds and corresponding yields have mainly stayed put. All this has occurred as investors waited for the release of Thursday’s June CPI report.   Analysts were predicting a further drop in inflation compared to May (MOM or month-over-month) and this time last… Read the full article.

2 months ago

It Seems the Fed’s Message Earlier this Month was Good Enough for the Market: Market Commentary from Cabana’s Ceo – May 14, 2024 

Well, just like that stocks (the main indices) bounced back to reclaim their respective 50-day moving averages last week. Over four short trading days, investors put a technical end to the correction that began one month ago. Bonds have seen some daylight as well, with the 10-Year Treasury yield falling back below 4.5%. It seems… Read the full article.

4 months ago

How the Markets Closed Out February on a Positive Note: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – March 4, 2024 

Late last week, we got the much-anticipated PCE (Personal Consumption Expenditures) report. This is the Federal Reserve’s favorite inflation indicator. After two fairly hot inflation reports in February, this was important to see whether the downward trend in inflation remains in place. The market was looking for a .3% month-over-month increase and 2.4% twelve-month increase… Read the full article.

5 months ago

Last Week Was the First Down Week in the Past Six – What Could it Mean?: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – February 21, 2023 

The past week we have seen two separate inflation measures (CPI and PPI) come in above expectations. This has increased upward pressure on interest rates while reducing chances the Federal Reserve (the “Fed”) will cut rates anytime soon. The message from our Central Bank has been clear that rate cutting will not begin until it… Read the full article.

5 months ago

Rate Cuts May No Longer be Imminent and Investors are Treading Water: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – February 8, 2024 

The market cap-weighted stock indices continue to march higher after a brief pullback in early January. This continues to be led by technology stocks, while most other sectors are underperforming. Bonds, real estate, utilities, dividend paying stocks and other interest rate sensitive assets remain under pressure as yields have bounced above 4% again.   Chairman… Read the full article.