Numerically quantify expected risk.

Minimize emotional mistakes.

Stay invested for long-term success.

Our rules-based approach is designed to quantify expected risk and maximize on market returns by allocating assets based on the current market environment.

The Target Drawdown Professional Series is designed to manage client expectations by identifying a “target drawdown” percentage at the beginning of the investment process and striving to stay within that range.

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Discover a better way to approach risk.

All investing carries a certain level of risk.

Traditional investment strategies set risk in terms of equity exposure, which is held static regardless of market conditions. This leaves investors uncertain about their potential for loss, creates anxiety during times of market volatility, and turns the growth of an account over to chance.

The Target Drawdown Professional Series was created to address these common failures found in traditional money management and improve the investor experience.

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Manage risk and create potential for gains in any market.

By clearly defining risk exposure in terms of the maximum expected percentage loss (target drawdown), investors and advisors can more efficiently align financial goals with the appropriate portfolio.

The series is designed with the goal of maintaining and growing wealth over the long term.

By using our unique Cyclical Asset Reallocation Algorithm (CARA), we seek to adjust each portfolio’s risk through the use of non-correlated and inversely correlated assets, creating the potential for gains across many different types of market conditions.

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