Cabana Black

A private hedge fund offering from Cabana Black, LLC. By leveraging Cabana’s Cyclical Asset Reallocation Algorithm (CARA), which allocates according to changes in the economic cycle, Cabana Black targets elevated performance using techniques not available in traditional accounts.

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Target Drawdown Professional Series

We combine an enhanced investment solution with technology, communication and a service-oriented team in our Target Drawdown Professional Series.

A premium Target Drawdown solution and suite of services available exclusively to partner firms and advisors.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Clients

Target Drawdown Professional 7, 10, 13, and 16

As of September 30, 2021, these funds are rated four stars overall by Morningstar Inc. The Target Drawdown Professional Series is part of Morningstar’s Tactical Allocation category, which is made up of 358 total funds.

Committed to fair representation and transparency.

Cabana Asset Management claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). All of the firm’s SMA composite performance is constructed and maintained by an independent third party, Longs Peak Advisory Services.

Important disclaimers and information regarding award ranking methodology can be found here.

Advisor Experience

Grow and scale your business.

Manage client expectations.

Increase profitability.

Our active portfolio management and time-tested investment approach, coupled with professional back-office support, will give you the tools to grow your business, improve retention and help more clients, while we do the rest.

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Family Office Experience

Experts at your fingertips.

In-depth, creative solutions.

Collaborative family office approach.

Unlike traditional financial services firms, we ensure that everyone - from your CPA to financial advisor and attorney - is working toward the same goal. We believe that coordination of advisors is the key to client protection, planning and success.

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21 hours ago

A Sell-Off with Nowhere Left to Hide: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – January 19, 2022

The long weekend did not soothe bond or stock markets as evidenced by the continued sell-off yesterday. The correction in equities continues coincident with the ongoing drop in bond prices and jump in yields. I like to take things day by day and do not enjoy or value predictions as a rule, but it appears… Read the full article.

1 week ago

Why a Market Correction Can Be Healthy: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – January 11, 2022

Just before Christmas we wrote a commentary suggesting that the easy low volatility investing might be coming to an end after more than a year of the broad equity indices moving up without a correction of more than 5%. Not only is such an unabated move up highly unusual, but it is not particularly healthy… Read the full article.

2 weeks ago

Looking Back on the Past Two Years: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – January 3, 2022

Well, 2022 is officially here. The last two years have really been a blur to me. I am sure the feeling is pretty much the same for everyone else. I am paid to talk about the markets, so I will.   I think it is beyond remarkable that the broad stock indices realized up years… Read the full article.