We're all in this together

What we are experiencing right now - not just in the markets, but even closer to home - in our businesses, our families and our personal lives, is truly a black swan event. Anyone who is feeling anxiety and fear about the future is not alone. When all else fails, it is important to remember that we are all in this together.

At Cabana, we are more committed now than ever before to providing our clients and advisor partners with the knowledge, updates and reassurance that they need to stay diligent and stay invested.

Our investment process and the foundation of our business was built with the primary goal of minimizing losses in volatile markets – even the most extraordinary of volatile markets.

We have always believed that if we can minimize losses and manage expectations when things get ugly, clients will stay invested and therefore, have the ability to capture returns when the market improves. We believe that in times like these, it is critical that investors have a process that they understand and trust.

To help our clients, our advisor partners… and really anyone who needs it right now, we have compiled a collection of resources, blog posts and perspectives on the current market and our process.

‐ Chadd Mason, CEO

Resources & Perspectives

6 months ago

Regarding COVID-19

A Letter to our Clients, Colleagues and Advisor Partners After weeks of uncertainty and panic, it is now clear that what is taking place across the globe is heavily impacting our nation, our businesses, our communities, our families and our day to day lives. How long it lasts and how it all plays out is unknown. The one thing… Read the full article.

1 year ago

White Papers

Adjusting Risk Within the Economic Cycle Discover A Better Way To Manage Investor Expectations In this paper, we propose a framework for managing investment risk and setting performance expectations on the frontend of the investment process. This methodology, which is built around what we call the Cyclical Asset Reallocation Algorithm (CARA), is designed to identify… Read the full article.

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Target Drawdown Portfolios are designed to manage client expectations by numerically identifying a “target drawdown” percentage at the beginning of the investment process and striving to stay within that range in any market environment.

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