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6 years ago

The Week in Review: Market Commentary and Reallocation Notice from Cabana’s CEO – October 15, 2018

In follow up to last Wednesday’s commentary on the dramatic market selloff, below is a quick update from Chadd Mason, Cabana CEO and co-founder. Following last Wednesday’s market drop and my commentary, our algorithm signaled a scene change and we have re-allocated to more defensive positions. We remain overweight in equities but the character of those… Read the full article.

6 years ago

Important Market Update: October 10, 2018

In response to Wednesday’s market drop, below is a note to investors from Chadd Mason, Cabana CEO and Co-Founder. Dear Investors, I believe it is important to touch base with you today regarding the selloff we are currently seeing in stock and bond markets. In our weekly commentary on Monday I pointed out that conditions felt… Read the full article.

6 years ago

The Changing Nature of Retirement

The way we view and plan for retirement has changed significantly over the years. In the “old days”, retirement meant riding off into the sunset, inclusive of a move to Florida and hours upon hours of golf and shuffle board. Today, retirement is vastly different – people are living longer and generally are subscribing to… Read the full article.