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7 months ago

Stocks Spent the Past Week Bouncing from Oversold Conditions: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – October 16, 2023 

Stocks spent last week bouncing from oversold conditions that resulted from the pullback that began in August. The market-leading Nasdaq and cap-weighted S&P 500 found support just above their 200-day moving averages and, importantly, for the S&P 500 just above the important 420 level (SPY). I have included a six-month chart below for reference. The… Read the full article.

2 years ago

The Fed Again Raised Interest Rates by 75 Basis Points and Markets Responded Positively: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – July 28, 2022

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve concluded its July meeting and announced another 75 basis point hike to the overnight federal funds rate. This was the consensus expectation and markets responded positively to the initial news. Chairman Powell gave a usual press conference afterward and provided what I believe to be the biggest impetus to move this market… Read the full article.

3 years ago

Technology Moves Forward as Bond Yields Surge: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – February 16, 2021

U.S. and international equity markets continue to move higher, albeit more slowly. Despite a slow rotation into cyclicals, which has been occurring over the past several months, technology continues to move forward. This could be evidence that investors aren’t completely convinced we are on the brink of reopening our society, or that investors truly believe… Read the full article.