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5 years ago

4 Last Minute Tips to Save on Your 2018 Taxes

There are only a few business days left in the year, but still time to reduce your 2018 tax bill. Below are a few simple, easy things you can do now to save money later. 1 Maximize Retirement Savings – The most obvious move to make is to maximize your 401(k) contribution for 2018. The… Read the full article.

5 years ago

Tactical Asset Allocation in 2018’s Volatile Market

2018 has been a remarkably difficult year for market investors worldwide. No major asset class has gained more than 5% year to date, and most are significantly in the negative. I read an article last week by Ned Davis Research, which examined this in detail. The result is that we are experiencing the worst year… Read the full article.

5 years ago

Family, Friends, Good Health, Great Food, and Football!

Family, Friends, Good Health, Great Food, and Football!  Since 1863, Thanksgiving has been a time for gratitude, celebration and reflection. In honor of the holiday, we asked our CFO, Louis Shaff, to share what Thanksgiving means to him, and what he is especially grateful for this time of year… In giving some thought to this… Read the full article.

5 years ago

The Week in Review: Market Commentary and Reallocation Notice from Cabana’s CEO – October 15, 2018

In follow up to last Wednesday’s commentary on the dramatic market selloff, below is a quick update from Chadd Mason, Cabana CEO and co-founder. Following last Wednesday’s market drop and my commentary, our algorithm signaled a scene change and we have re-allocated to more defensive positions. We remain overweight in equities but the character of those… Read the full article.

5 years ago

Important Market Update: October 10, 2018

In response to Wednesday’s market drop, below is a note to investors from Chadd Mason, Cabana CEO and Co-Founder. Dear Investors, I believe it is important to touch base with you today regarding the selloff we are currently seeing in stock and bond markets. In our weekly commentary on Monday I pointed out that conditions felt… Read the full article.