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6 years ago

The Changing Nature of Retirement

The way we view and plan for retirement has changed significantly over the years. In the “old days”, retirement meant riding off into the sunset, inclusive of a move to Florida and hours upon hours of golf and shuffle board. Today, retirement is vastly different – people are living longer and generally are subscribing to… Read the full article.

6 years ago

Investing Can Be Easy

Investing is easy. In fact, it is so easy that very few “professionals” can do it successfully. Confused? Let me explain. It is a mathematical and historical fact that if a person were to have simply purchased a fund representing the S&P 500, along with a fund representing the aggregate bonds issued by the U.S…. Read the full article.

6 years ago

The Week in Review: Performance updates from Cabana’s CEO – May 29, 2018

Market insight and a highlight of Cabana’s year-to-date performance: Cabana’s seven portfolios range from “Conservative” to “Aggressive” and include an income strategy and an “Accumulator” portfolio. Performance is as of market close on May 25, 2018 and is presented net of maximum advisory fees and commissions. The market was closed for Memorial Day on Monday,… Read the full article.