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5 years ago

Less Financial Jargon, More Clarity for Investors

By Mariam Bartlettt The amount of financial jargon used by financial advisors, especially in the retirement plan space, can become overwhelming and intimidating very quickly. If you can relate to this, you are not alone. The general public, according to a recent Empower Retirement survey, often misunderstands words that are commonly used by financial providers, employers… Read the full article.

5 years ago

Removing Risk like the Layers of an Onion

Managing risk is one of the fundamentals of investing. At Cabana, we have a systems-based approach to managing risk within our portfolios. We believe that the risk of a particular asset class is inherently correlated with where we are in the economic cycle. In other words, there are certain periods within the repeating cycle when… Read the full article.

5 years ago

Cabana Retirement Solutions: 2019 Savings Limit Increased and Hardship Rule Changes Proposed

It is with great excitement that in 2018 we expanded our list of services to include group retirement plan consulting and fiduciary investment management through Cabana, LLC d/b/a Cabana Retirement Solutions (“CRS”). Our holistic retirement plan consulting approach will help organizations that offer and manage retirement plans for their employees by providing fiduciary guidance and… Read the full article.

5 years ago

2018 in Review: A Must Read for Cabana Clients

I would like to start this market commentary off by thanking all of our clients for their support and trust in us. I got into this business because of a series of unfortunate events that occurred when my family trusted a professional adviser and bank. I saw my grandfather’s estate cut in half during the… Read the full article.