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Cabana’s CEO Chadd Mason shares his unique perspective on the markets here and across the world every Monday.

Chadd Mason

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11 months ago

Fed Cuts Interest Rates Again as We Continue to Keep our Head Above Water: Weekly Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – September 23, 2019

During the past week, major U.S indexes reached resistance at summer highs before pulling back and churning 1.3% lower (S&P 500). On Wednesday, Chairman Powell and the Federal Reserve lowered the target federal funds rate by 25 basis points. This is exactly what bond and equity markets were pricing in, and despite some perceived hawkishness… Read the full article.

12 months ago

Yield Curve Inversion, Trade Dispute and Weak Economies World Wide…Are We Headed for a Recession?: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – August 19, 2019

Markets continue to be extremely volatile as we head into the second half of the month. This is true of both equities and bonds. Prices are moving up and down more than one percent on a daily basis. Defensive equities like consumer staples, utilities and healthcare have outperformed growth and cyclical stocks since the end… Read the full article.

1 year ago

Stock Market Selloff Deepens After Fed Remarks and Trade Negotiation Setback: Market Commentary from Cabana’s CEO – August 5, 2019

As of this writing, stock markets around the globe are taking a beating. The selloff began on Wednesday of last week in response to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s comments indicating that more rate cuts are not planned, and that last week’s 25 basis point cut was simply an “adjustment”. The next day, President Trump… Read the full article.